Sun Protecting Hair Products

June 27, 2014 Beauty Products

The summer is not the most friendly month to our hair, and you’ve probably heard of the phrase ‘holiday hair’; often referring to frizzy, wavy and dry hair. It can be prevented though, and using sun protecting hair products can ensure the sun doesn’t diminish the health of your hair.


A dry scalp can really bring irritation to your summer holiday and there are now many hair oils that contain UV filters to prevent such damage. We’re now at a stage where we no longer have to settle for burnt scalp or dry hair and whether you opt for a styling product or merely shampoos and conditioners featuring UV repair, it must be applied.

The good thing is that these shampoos, conditioners and styling products usually benefits from a really pleasant smell, and if you regularly colour your hair then you’re more likely to see out summer without a great deal of damage or fading.