Safari Print Clothing for Summer

June 24, 2014 Clothing

The summer in the UK may not be as hot as it will be in Africa, but that’s no reason why you can’t flaunt a proper safari look. There are many different safari print patterns to choose between for your t-shirts, dresses or shorts, and you’ll certainly be dressed for summer.

If you’re going for a black and white look and you don’t want to throw too many colours together than a zebra print safari design could be a good option. A leopard or giraffe print can be a nice addition to shoes but you may not want to combine different animals in your outfit.

For example if you’re going for a tiger look than stick with it, don’t incorporate zebra or leopard, because it’s likely that they will not work well together. Sometime only a subtle patch of safari print is required so remember you don’t have to overdo your summer outfit with these designs.