Shopping On Amazon

February 26, 2016 Shopping

Amazon is a great place to buy almost anything, and depending on the seller your bound to find a good deal and get something you want or need. Their service is great 98% of the time, and if you do your research and use your smarts you …..

Online Grocery Shopping an overview

January 26, 2016 Clothing

If you are new to online Shopping and can’t decide what the best supermarket to go for then this article should help you make a better informed decision. Though if not, then this may also provide some insight that may not have been previously thought …..

Balance Me, British Beauty Products

December 18, 2015 Beauty Products | Shopping

Balance me are a results-led British beauty products company with 10 years of making a wide range of Natural beauty products for face, body and Hair. Their products offer an impressive skincare range with customer sophisticated textures, using pure grade essential oils, and active aromas …..

Fireworks shopping

November 30, 2015 Shopping

This is not a thing that I see many people do – though I am aware that, of course, people do go out and about looking for amazing deals on explosions, fireworks and all manner of colourful things that go pop for this time of …..

I just bought a Christmas Jumper

November 2, 2015 Shopping

I have done it. I am sorry. I have never owned one of these before but, this year, I decided it was time to buy a beautiful, classy Christmas jumper. I did, of course, do my research beforehand. I wanted something I could wear throughout …..

Give the Perfect Gift: Shabby, Chic and Unique Gift Ideas

October 6, 2015 Shopping

There are many modern gifts you can give to friends or family members, but what if you’re looking for something that’s shabby chic? It’s not always easy to find items that fall in this category, especially at most department stores today. However, if you’re set …..

High Street Kensington

September 29, 2015 Shopping

I don’t do these fancy shopping sprees very often. I tend not to go to specific areas for the sole purpose of shopping. I tend to buy a few things, grab a coffee and some food, or maybe walk around exploring, killing time and general …..

Price comparison websites

September 1, 2015 Shopping

I had been putting off writing an article about this for a long time. Putting off chatting about price comparison websites, those things which have taken over almost every single market and dominate television adverts at seemingly every single turn. Whether it be meerkats, Arnold …..

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Multiple Photographs All in One

A photo frame can make a lovely gift or a beautiful addition to your home. You might even choose to display photographs in your office, making it feel like a home away from home with pictures of friends and family. Why just display the one photo when you can use multi picture frames? These give you the space to add a variety of photographs, remind you of many different memories all in one.