Online Grocery Shopping

March 29, 2015 Shopping

There is one movement in the world, one bizarre and twisted movement that I am not sure I can support. Something so crazy, something so insane that the very concept of it is both alien and obscene to me. Online shopping is fine, that is something that I understand, buying DVDs, music or clothes online and getting them delivered. In fact, buying clothes is a little weird. The one thing that I do not understand is; why would you buy food online? Grocery shopping online.

It is the most bizarre trend that has spread over the country; people are literally paying people to choose their food for them, package it all up for them and then deliver it to their house at a set time over the next few days. Insanity. Why would you allow those people control over your lives like that? That kind of power can drive people to madness. Don’t allow it.