Online Grocery Shopping an overview

January 26, 2016 Clothing

If you are new to online Shopping and can’t decide what the best supermarket to go for then this article should help you make a better informed decision. Though if not, then this may also provide some insight that may not have been previously thought of.

A brief overview of the online companies and their service is as follows:



Though somewhat expensive with some of the items in their range and you won’t always find what you are looking for due to the target markets they primarily cater for, they have to be one of the best online shops there are for customer service and reliability. The food is always fresh and they don’t substitute with other items that are similar; if it’s not in stock they will deduct from the bill and text you before they arrive.

They have a recipe section so you can pick a meal you like and then have all the ingredients available as a suggestion and you add those you like and ignore those you don’t. Once you get used to shopping on their site it will get easier, but starting out can be a bit bothersome due to unfamiliarity of the layout of their site, and the checkout process.

You can also get money back when you give them back the carrier bags, and you check off list is always well organised and set in order of expiry date, so you know what to use up first and what goes in the cupboard, freezer or chilled.


Asda are a really good online store, though it depends on what sort of stuff you buy; if you have shopped in their store and got some really good deals then Asda will work out great for you. But if you always find them expensive because of what you buy then it might be worth mixing and matching and buying at several stores instead of just there.

There online store is easy to navigate and you will find most of the things you are looking for and usually get some sort of deal with various things; and once you have picked your delivery slot and selected no substitutions, or choose substitutions just in case then your all set.
Asda don’t have a very good customer service and they will often be snotty over the phone and unhelpful if their delivery turns up 3 hours late. They have been known to be late and don’t text you to tell you where they are. When they do arrive at your door you will find that they have substituted several or more of your items even if you check for no substitutions, or if you selected substitutions and they did not have the substitution to that, they will send something more expensive and add it to your bill.
Bear in mind that the Asda service varies depending on the area you’re in and the store closest to you, so try them out and see what service they offer you and base your final decision to use them or not on how well they do with your first shop.



One of the most easiest checkouts to use, and you can find quite a lot of deals to be had and nearly everything you need and want is available online; some of the things you may have to collect at one of their local stores if you decide to order things other than groceries, but they are usually very reliable and on time.

Tesco’s have sub-par food due to the target market they cater for, which is usually across the board, but aimed at just above the budget level primarily. You have to be really careful with what they put in their foods, as they will often label something as a Chicken dish, when in fact it’s reconstituted chicken of a certain percentage and has some pork added to it to make it cheaper to buy.
They have a really good delivery service and are usually on time, and 99% of the time you will get the things you need. They too vary from store to store, though as they are a massive supermarket chain, they are bound to have most of the things you have ordered and don’t need to substitute; their customer service is great too.
Amazon Pantry:

A new contender to the market, and perhaps one of the biggest unknowns out there. Many people have reported a level of service from Amazon Logistics as bad; they will be the ones delivering your grocery items and there is no way of really knowing what condition they will arrive in. We know what the Amazon Online experience is like and that’s ok, but the shopping for groceries is just a little weird.

The only real way to know if they are any good is to try at least once and base your final decisions on whether to use them in the future or not.



Morison’s have joined in with their new delivery service, though many have not yet jumped on this bandwagon yet; it’s probably going to grow into being a good service, but starting off it feels like they are trying too hard to deliver the same service they have in store.
The only way to really know if they are any good is to again try them once and base your future shop on that level of service offered; also if the shelf-life of the produce has been checked before sending, as Morison’s have a habit of pushing something to the end of its life on their shelves as various fresh and baked goods, as well as chilled move slower than they do in other stores, so you’re probably going to get something that expires the next day after buying it, or use by on the same day you buy it. Be smart, and check your produce at the door.

Conclusion: Shop around online for the better deals, and buy from a mix of the online stores to try and see if you can save money; top picks are Ocado, Asda and Tesco’s. Or if you don’t have time to shop around Ocado is always going to be the best choice for Fresh food and good service; go to Asda or Tesco’s if you want more frozen and better deals on alcohol.

Amazon Pantry and Morison’s are an unknown, so you take the risk of the first shop and see where that goes for you.