Older fashions are back with dogtooth, neon and crop tops!

July 14, 2014 Clothing

Luckily for the fashion conscious bargain hunters the dog-tooth pattern along with neon colours are all back in fashion this summer!

These sort of fashions pre-date from the 90’s and luckily for us, it means that people may well get rid of them. So for this year’s most fashionable get up on the cheap, we suggest to visit the charity shops as your first point of call! Another way to find these bargains is to look online, perhaps on a local selling page on a social media site, or a company such as Gumtree – these places are where people get rid of their unwanted items! Their junk turns into your jewels with a good wash and a little touch up they’ll be right in with the latest fashions!


Crop tops are also back and if you really don’t have the cash to splash, why don’t you visit a local tailors, or materials shop, get a few beads, jewels, cotton etc and make your own? A small top like this made of loose materials would be the perfect place to start creating your own “in fashion” clothes.