Marks & Spencer: The fancy lunch

June 18, 2015 Clothing


So I am going to Queen’s Club on Friday. That is a fancy tennis tournament for those of you not in the know. I will be entirely out of place among the hoity toity rich of west London; the kind of blazer wearing, pimms drinking douchebags that think it’s ok to chat and shout during a tennis match just because they have had a shandy or two too many. To fit in I will have to dress nicely and, most importantly, eat fancy.

So a simple Tesco sandwich will not do, nor will a Sainsbury’s pasta salad and a bag of crisps. Instead I will have to go to Marks & Spencer. I will have to look for expensive looking crisps, expensive looking sandwiches and fancy looking drinks. I will prove to the upper classes that I belong! They do not need to know that I normally wear tracksuit bottoms at home to stay comfortable!