Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

March 29, 2016 Shopping

Sometimes it’s just not viable to have a fixed based Keyboard, and on the inverse it’s not ideal to use the cramped virtual keyboard on your phone or smart phone device either. So a good solution to these problems is to buy a Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard device; these are usually lightweight, small and easily portable to almost any location.

Let,s say you have a tablet device and you have to type something up on an MS Office document, or send a detailed email with many paragraphs. Using the on-screen keyboard is slower and it’s easier to make mistakes and press the wrong keys, and leaves room for you to accidentally delete your work. If you have the Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard device with you, it can connect easily using Bluetooth connection for a fast exchange of data, and it can be projected on virtually any flat surface (within reason of course).

You can buy these online for a price ranging from £30 – £100, and it depends on your preference over brand and overall appearance as to what you will be spending; one thing to note is that nearly all the Laser Projection Devices project the keyboard using a red laser light, and there are very few that project a green laser light, and it’s virtually impossible to find one that projects a blue laser light, but you can still find them at a much greater cost that the standard.