Is eBay Really What It’s Cracked Up To Be?

June 26, 2016 Shopping

Lets take a quick look at Ebay, and buying from the online giant. Think about what would you actually buy from Ebay? Clothes? Shoes? Electrical goods? Toys? When your buying something how do you know your getting a good deal or not?

Lets briefly discuss some simple buy tips and tricks; what too look out for, and being web-smart.

To good to be true?:

If something looks to good to be true like an up-to-date phone for a very low price would you still buy it? Knowing that you run the risk of being scammed and losing your money because it’s just too unbelievable to be real!


Before you buy on Ebay, you should always check the reviews of the seller and sell how many negative reviews they have and if it’s more than a few within a very short time then it’s probably best not to buy from them; if you need the product and there is only one look at the feedback more carefully, and if the seller has not delivered goods before, or something arrived not as describe, avoid them at all costs.


When you buy from Ebay, the safest and most easiest way to pay is via PayPal, so if you don’t receive the goods as advertised, or don’t receive them at all, you can then contact Paypal through Ebay and get a refund and the seller will be investigated, or just get bad reviews that you will leave if you did not get what you saw advertised and had to return it.