I just bought a Christmas Jumper

November 2, 2015 Shopping

I have done it. I am sorry. I have never owned one of these before but, this year, I decided it was time to buy a beautiful, classy Christmas jumper. I did, of course, do my research beforehand. I wanted something I could wear throughout the year, not something I could only get away with for a few weeks every year, after all – these things are expensive!


I looked online, I went into shops, I thought about what kind of “look” was right for me, my place and my work. I couldn’t get one of those stupid ones covered in snow and red noses, could I? In the end I did not; instead I went for a classy, simple design that said “I am cool, but this is still a Christmas jumper.” It could well be one of my best purchases of the year – we will have to wait and see when it arrives in the next few days.