High Street Kensington

September 29, 2015 Shopping

I don’t do these fancy shopping sprees very often. I tend not to go to specific areas for the sole purpose of shopping. I tend to buy a few things, grab a coffee and some food, or maybe walk around exploring, killing time and general waywardness. There are a few locations around the world, and in the UK where I’m from, that have that specific function. So I am in London for a few weeks working and last night I had to go to one such location; High Street Kensington.
It’s a world like no other. Shops back to back, reaching to the sky all around you, while the beautiful people of London stride proudly with arms full of bags from all the major retailers and all the major labels. It’s something like nothing else and requires a special kind of mentality to enjoy, especially given how long the shops are open for.