Give the Perfect Gift: Shabby, Chic and Unique Gift Ideas

October 6, 2015 Shopping

There are many modern gifts you can give to friends or family members, but what if you’re looking for something that’s shabby chic? It’s not always easy to find items that fall in this category, especially at most department stores today. However, if you’re set on giving something that’s got a charming mix of new and old, then the examples of shabby chic gifts listed below are sure to be of use! Enjoy using them as inspiration for the next person you give a present to.

1. Antique Picture Frame

Go to a local antique shop and look through the picture frames they have available. Once you find something that you like, buy it! If you want to add even more of a cute look to this, then go to a craft store next and purchase a canvas flower. Use a hot glue gun to attach this to the outside corner of the frame and you’ll have a gift that just about anyone can use for their home.

2. Braided Throw Blanket

This welcoming blanket is something that anyone can appreciate, whether they snuggle up with it during the winter or arrange it on the back of their couch for added decoration. The best colour choices are ivory, beige or blush, which can match virtually anyone’s home decor and complement their style.

3. Mason Jar Candle

You can find mason jar candles at many different shops and in all different sizes and scents. While this will make a great gift on its own, you can add lace and a canvas flower around the middle if you want to add a little bit more of a rustic look.

4. Small Vintage Dishes

These are great because they can be used for eating on, but they can also be used for a wall decoration or even as ring, necklace and bracelet holders. You should be able to find these at local thrift stores, but you can also find a large selection online.

5. Vintage Jewellery Box

If you have a friend who needs storage for their jewellery, then this is one of the best shabby chic gifts you can give them. There are vintage jewellery boxes you can purchase online or at antique stores, but if you want to save some money, then buy an old jewellery box from a yard sale. Once you have it in hand, paint it with an antique blue colour and sand it down to make it look distressed. This will make an unforgettable present that can be proudly displayed!

6. Tea Set

What could be more shabby, chic and unique than a beautiful tea set? There are many different places to get these, and that means a lot of different designs to choose from. What’s even better about this gift is the fact that it can be used as functional dishes as well as decoration for a China cabinet.

Any of these unique and beautiful gifts will make your recipient feel like you really thought about what you gave them. This is especially true if you find the items at vintage shops, which often carry only one of each item, making them one-of-a-kind!