Fireworks shopping

November 30, 2015 Shopping

This is not a thing that I see many people do – though I am aware that, of course, people do go out and about looking for amazing deals on explosions, fireworks and all manner of colourful things that go pop for this time of the year. It is a massive deal in America, of course, as they love to chuck loads of money at things and see what sticks. The bigger the better, and the more money spent the better as well, apparently.

In England we do things a little bit smaller. Sparklers, mostly, and some of those other fireworks that people do on the ground rather than the massive big ones. We tend to leave those ones in the hands of professionals and watch from afar while making agreeing noises and clapping when things look especially cool. It’s not a huge fascination over here – maybe we’re not as keen on things exploding over here as those in the states are.