Finding the Right Foundation for your Skin

August 29, 2016 Beauty Products

Foundation is one of the essential beauty products that many women never go without. If this is the case for you, it’s so important to find one that is the perfect match for your skin. Otherwise, you will end up looking streaking as it won’t blend with your natural skin tone.

Shop around – it’s completely worth it when buying this makeup bag staple. Try different brands of foundation and see how they work for your skin. This is good not just for finding the right colour, but also for finding the right type. Some foundations will be more like a mousse whilst others will be heavier and offer more coverage. Choose the one that gives as much coverage as you need.

Go in for a consultation with a beauty professional. This will give you the option to try different foundations and have someone match the right shade to you skin. They will usually test foundation on your jawline, so it’s best to go without any makeup on. They will be able to remove it for you, but it’s possible that some residue will be left behind and you won’t get a real feel for the foundations you are testing out.