Coats and the current trends…

November 10, 2014 Clothing

Fur coats do tend to come and go but there certainly back with a bang this year. You won’t have to look far to see a fluffy white or black coat, but the only difference is some will be real and very expensive while others will be ‘fake’ and very, very cheap.

Parker jackets never really go away, and these along with bomber jackets can look great with jeans, skirts, shorts and virtually any outfit you put together. Many people who like the leather look may want to move away from it a bit more this year, and fewer fashion outlets have focused on leather looks, and it’s very much seen as ‘last year’.

Blankets coats are one of the latest types to hit the market, and these are the kind that you can wear inside, almost like a dressing gown, so it’s specifically designed for comfort, and it’s certainly not going to keep the rain off your back. You definitely won’t go wrong with a fur coat this fall, and but the Parker jacket could be cool if you don’t want to follow the crowd.