Price comparison websites

September 1, 2015 Shopping

I had been putting off writing an article about this for a long time. Putting off chatting about price comparison websites, those things which have taken over almost every single market and dominate television adverts at seemingly every single turn. Whether it be meerkats, Arnold …..

Great Shabby Chic Gifts

May 29, 2015 Shopping

Shabby Chic gifts are perfect gifts that you can offer to your loved ones. To begin with, there are a variety of gifts ranging from kitchenware to personalised ones. Special Occasions There are some gifts that are synonymous with a special occasion. For example, there …..

Being a smart shopper

“Being a smart shopper.” Talk about a vague title huh? It is something we often hear about from places like Money Saving Expert or Hot UK Deals; these places often suggest that being a smart shopper is about shopping around and saving money. It is, …..

I just spent £30 on a salad

April 27, 2015 Shopping

London. The land of plenty, the land of more. The land of limitless opportunities; of river boat clubs, of Southbank jogging and delicious Mexican street food. I was there recently and though, given the I was dressed like a fancy London gentleman for an interview, …..

Online Grocery Shopping

March 29, 2015 Shopping

There is one movement in the world, one bizarre and twisted movement that I am not sure I can support. Something so crazy, something so insane that the very concept of it is both alien and obscene to me. Online shopping is fine, that is …..

The importance of a local shop

February 26, 2015 Shopping

Shops are important for lots of reasons, but something that we very rarely consider (at least from the consumer point of view) is the geography and location of where a shop is placed. Yes it is important for the bottom line of the corporation involved; …..

Online Shopping: The Pros and Cons

January 30, 2015 Shopping

One of the major, revolutionary changes to people’s shopping habits all over the world is the introduction of online shopping spaces. It’s been a great blessing to many, and made many companies all over the world extremely rich. Products are cheaper online due to the …..

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