Buying and paying for items

August 2, 2015 Clothing


The way in which we buy things has changed over the years. It has also been a revolutionary time for the way in which we pay for goods. Going to a supermarket or a shop sees the card reader a prevalent feature, and those without it are rarely visited. Supermarkets, too, have self service machines which has revolutionised the way in which I, personally, shop in them. But the payment and shopping revolutions have not stopped there; there are already more things being developed and implemented every day, and there is bound to be more in the coming years.

Using our phones has quickly developed into the predominant device for almost everything. Paying for things, too, has moved over into the mobile word. We already have banking apps on our phones; checking balances, moving money around and checking our outgoings in one easy place. We can now pay with our phones too; Apple Pay and Paypal both have apps that allow us to pay on the go.