Bring out the onesie!

July 28, 2014 Clothing

So with autumn and winter approaching, we are sure to expect the return of the adorable onesie. Not for babies, but for adults! These snuggly bed-wear/lounge items are becoming more and more popular. Depending on how cosy you want it to be will help you decide on what type. You can get ones with hoods or full over-foot bottoms and the material comes in a variety of thicknesses and materials.

However, there is a day time equivalent to the onesie being the jumpsuit. This elegant piece of clothing is completely contrast to the onesie. You can find elegant silks, soft cottons, embellished with jewels… Open backs, racer backs, off the shoulder are just some of the styles you’ll find. You can get them loose fitting, hitched in at the waist or even spandex tight. You will be able to find one of these suitable for work, a night out on the town or even a glamourous party!