Being a smart shopper

May 29, 2015 Shopping

“Being a smart shopper.” Talk about a vague title huh? It is something we often hear about from places like Money Saving Expert or Hot UK Deals; these places often suggest that being a smart shopper is about shopping around and saving money. It is, of course, important to save money on both your weekly shop and when it comes to buying expensive one off purchases; after all, no one wants to get burned on expensive produce and products when they could be saving money elsewhere.


But what about the other areas in which we can be smarter? And what does “smarter” mean to different people? What about loyalty bonuses? What about signing up to websites for free delivery on certain objects over a certain price? What about real world costs; is it worth driving 2 hours to save £10 on an iPad? Probably not. There’s an awful lot to consider when it comes to shopping smarter; price isn’t always the only thing to look at.